Book Review: ‘Stars In An Italian Sky: A Novel’ By Jill Santopolo

The year is 1946, and in a return to her family home and business, in Genoa, Italy, Giovanna falls in love with Vincenzo, a count’s son. No one is for this union, and it causes issues, due to political issues, which tears them apart. In present day New York, Cassandra, and Luke are in love, and it’s time for her grandmother, and his grandfather to meet, and pose for a painting. They’re shocked when they see each other, and it brings the past back to life, as it seems they knew each other before, and we learn their story via flashbacks in real time. A well-written dual storyline novel, looking at the after effects of WWII, lost love, and second chances. Fans of these types of novels will love this one.

You can pick up Stars In An Italian Sky, in stores on Tuesday, February 28th from Putnam.

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