Book Review: ‘Standing In The Shadows: An Inspector Banks Novel’ By Peter Robinson

The 28th, and possibly final novel (author Peter Robinson passed away last year), is another thrilling ride with Inspector Banks and his crew. In 1980 Alice Poole was found dead, and the case was never solved, although her ex-boyfriend Nick was a potential suspect. In 2019 a body is found in an area that is part of a construction site. Banks is called to the scene, and the investigation starts, hoping that somehow they can identify the body. The book goes back and forth between Nick’s life from 1980 to now, and with Bank’s investigation into this murder. Things start to overlap, and when they figure out who the dead body was, and how it ties into the unsolved murder of Alice Poole, Banks figures it all out. There’s a lot of pop culture references, and story advances on Banks, and the supporting characters we have followed in the previous books. Fans of the series will love this one. Here’s hoping there might be another book or two written before he passed, or another writer to continue the series.

You can pick up Standing In The Shadows in stores on Tuesday, April 11th from William Morrow.

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