Book Review: ‘Standing Dead: A Timber Creek K-9 Novel’ By Margaret Mizushima

The ninth novel in the Timber Creek series finally brings some closure to the long-running story of Mattie, her dead father, and her mother’s involvement to what happened to him years ago. Mattie and her sister Julia travel to Mexico to see her mother, only to find she has moved with her husband, and no one knows where to. Back home in Timber Creek, she her K-9 dog Robo are called to the scene of a murder, high up in the mountains. It turns out to be Mattie’s step-father Juan, and he’s dead, and no sign of her mother. And then Mattie gets notes from someone that says ‘a friend of her fathers’ and veiled threats, and then Julia goes missing. Now everyone in Mattie’s live is hunkering down, and Mattie gets a note to meet someone, if she wants to see her mother and sister alive again, and it could be the end for all of them. I love this series, it’s well-written, with good stories, fun characters, and animals. Fans of the series will be happy with the plot developments in this one.

You can pick up Standing Dead in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from Crooked Lane.

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