Book Review: ‘Stalker’ Is The Next Exciting Joona Linna Novel

The Swedish writing team of Lars Kepler has written seven incredible books in a series featuring the character of Joona Linna. The have had worldwide success and now are breaking into the United States. Last year The Sandman was released (it’s book four in the series) and Stalker releases on Tuesday, February 5th (book number 5) in the series. So follow along each book is self-contained and talks about things from previous books but the author explains backstory. Not sure why they are releasing them like this but no worries as the stories are really good! Right now they’re are seven novels total.

The Swedish National Crime Unit has been receiving YouTube videos of woman of about a minute in length and each of these women has been found brutally murdered. There are no clues and no way to trace the videos. When a trauma and hypnotist specialist Erik Maria Bark is called in it brings up a past murder 10 years ago of Priest named Rocky who is in prison. The thinking is at first he has something to with it but it can’t be him. Erik goes and talks with him and tries to find out what he might now (and Erik is hiding a secret about him).

Meanwhile Joona is still in hiding having faked his death in the previous book to go be with his dying wife and daughter. Sage Bauer has found the remains of Jurek, the man who was threatening Joona’s family, she tracks him down and tells him the news. He returns to see for himself.

While he’s back he ends up assisting the Police on this new serial murdered case and ends up being a valuable help to them. He breaks a few laws in the process but ends up figuring out who the murderer is (and it’s one of the last people they thought) and the race is on to capture her before she kills again.

Another thrilling story with the great character of Joona and the supporting people around him. After I read the first book last year I was hooked and excited that the rest of the novels would be coming out soon. The writing team of Lars Kepler (husband and wife) are excellent story tellers and know how to build a story to a climatic reveal. I can’t wait for the next novel.

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