Book Review: ‘Splinter In The Blood’ Is A Good Debut Thriller

This is the debut thriller from author Ashley Dyer, known as the UK writing team of Margaret Murphy and Helen Pepper. It comes out from William Morrow books on Tuesday, June 12th. It’s your average serial killer mystery that’s filled with enough twists and turns to make it enjoyable.

There’s a serial killer on the loose and Detective Greg Carver has been on the case. There’s been five murders and the last one hit him hard. It was a direct message to him. He’s been drinking a lot more and his wife has left him over his obsession with getting this case solved. Greg is found shot in his apartment by his partner Ruth Lake. She cleans the scene takes the gun and Greg’s files and then called it in. Greg survives but can’t remember much about that night.

Greg is convinced it was the Thorn Killer but it’s not his style to come after Greg. He only preys on women. Ruth takes over on the case and becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened with Greg and who the Thorn Killer might be. Carver goes to any length to figure out who shot Greg and who the serial killer is. Even crossing legal boundaries at work, things that could get her fired.

She digs and digs until she thinks she knows who it is and soon the table are turned on her and it’s a fight to save her life. Will she be rescued in time or will the Thorn Killer strike again?

The lead up to the killer is really well done and comes as surprise to the reader. The characters are well written and defined. I would mind seeing them in another novel to flesh them out more.

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