Book Review: ‘Spells For Forgetting: A Novel’ By Adrienne Young

Magic, secrets, lost love and a small island off the coast of Seattle are the setting for a fantastic debut adult fiction novel from author Adrienne Young. The island known as Saoirse, is known for it’s ochards and small-time feel. They’re are core families that have lived on the island for many years and usually people don’t leave. If they do, they feel the pull of the island calling them back. 14 years ago August Salt and his mother left the island never to be heard from again. There was a fire in the orchards and a death of Lily, who along with Dutch and Emery, always hung out. August and Emery were in love and were going to leave the island together after graduation. Now August has returned home to bury his mother and it opens old wounds with the island and Emery. He plans to be in and out but it doesn’t work that way. As the novel goes on, we discover everyone has a secret, including August and Emery, and they finally share their secrets and decide to figure out once and for all what happened to Lily all those years ago and it could mean exposing the secrets of the island, a secret some on the island are willing to kill for. Each chapter is told from the point of view of a character and even the island itself, and is effective in the overall telling of the story. It’s one of those novels you don’t want to put down, as each chapter is another thrilling step in the overall reveals of the story.

You can pick up Spells For Forgetting in stores on Tuesday, September 27th.

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