Book Review: ‘Sparks Like Stars: A Novel’ By Nadia Hashimi

The year was 1978 and for 10 year-old Sitara Zamani her life would be forever changed. Her father worked for the president of Afghanistan and she and her family were always at the palace. On this night a revolt took place and soldiers turned on the President and started shooting everyone in the palace. Sitara watched her family gunned down and she managed to escape with the help of one of the guards Shair involved in the shootings. She is given to an American Diplomat and smuggled out of the country for a new life in the United States.

She has taken on a new name, that of her sister who was born in the US, and now goes by Aryana Shepard. Fast forward to 2008 and she’s now a doctor living in New York City. She has never forgotten her past but only a couple of people know about it. She’s dating Adam, who wants a committment she’s not willing to give (and he doesn’t know about her past). And then one day it all comes back to her, when she sees the patient in her office. A blast from the past that could be the key to unlooking what really happened back there and who shot her parents and where their bodies may be. She decides to return to Afghanistan and figured out once and for all what happened back then and to put the past behind her. The question is will she like what she finds?

A fascinating story based on a true event in history. It starts of a bit slow but then kicks into high gear and you are riveted to Sitara’s story and want her to find closure for what she went through. You won’t want to put it down.

You can pick up Sparks Like Stars in stores on Tuesday, March 2nd from William Morrow.

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