Book Review: ‘Somewhere In The Dark: A Novel’ By R.J. Jacobs

Jesse Duval has had a tough life. She went through the foster care system and it didn’t go well for her. When she finally turned 18 and was able to go out on her own she followed a country and western duo across the country on their tour. At the final show something bad happened and she went to prison and now she’s out on probation.

She seems to have her life together now. She has an apartment, a car and a job at a catering company. She has regular therapy and once a month visits from a probation officer. Then it all goes off the rail. At the event she’s working, Shelly James is there. Jesse is not suppose to be anywhere near her. They have a quick face to face and Jesse takes off. Then she finds out her company has been hired to cater an event at Shelly’s house. Jesse does everything she can to get out of going to it.

This is where things go downhill for her. The tour manager knows Jesse works for the company and comes and sees her and tells her everyone wants to put the past behind them and at the event they will publicize it. So Jesse goes and she sees and overhears things and then finds out what she was told was a lie. On her way out she sees a man running after her and soon learns Shelly has been murdered and she is the prime suspect. She’s been set up.

Jesse goes on the run and has to trust one person she never thought she would. She goes on the offensive to figure out who the murderer is before it’s too late for her.

This was a good thriller set in Nashville (which helps the story out) with a great character in Jesse. You root for her to move on with her life and they way she sets about solving the murder and clearing her name. And a nice touch with the way the book ended.

You can pick up Somewhere In The Dark in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Crooked Lane Books.

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