Book Review: ‘So We Meet Again: A Novel’ By Suzanne Park

A delightful rom-com that hightlights the Korean culture, with well-written characters and a story that is fun to read (and will make you hungry), from author Suzanne Park. Jessie Kim has worked for the same investment company for seven years in New York City. Then the word goes out on Friday that there will be cuts. Then over zoom she’s told she’s been let go and they don’t think she is promotable. She ends up moving back to Nashville with her parents and the Korean culture she grew up with. Lots of food being cooked, church and the gossip of the locals. She decides to start her own business call Soul Sistas, helping to make bland meals better and starts a YouTube cooking show that goes viral when her mother appears on it. Her company is taking off overnight. And she also runs into Daniel, someone she grew up with in school and who is now successful. They have a love/hate relationship and start to get close. He helps her with her business and they seem on the verge of being together until she feels betrayed by him. Then she gets a big offer to buy her company and has to decide what to do with the offer and when Daniel comes to her aid, she has to make big decisions.

You can pick up So We Meet Again in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Avon.

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