Book Review: ‘So This Is Christmas: A Novel’ By Jenny Holiday

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

The third book in the Eldovia rom-com series, is as good as the first two. One again the setting is the mythical tiny country of Eldovia and Cara Delaney, who lives in the Bronx with her parents, has to miss Thanksgiving, after a co-worker breaks his leg. She must fill in for him and go to Eldovia, as a consultant to the countries watch business. When she arrives there, she’s met by Matteo, assistant to the King. He’s not happy to see her or that she is here. Cara has one thing to do, save the company, and they get off on the wrong foot. They’re forced to spend time together and you know what that means, soon they fall for each other and have hot sex. They soon have to figure out if this is something they want long term, or it’s just a holiday fling? There’s funny banter and the story is set during the Christmas season and the great look of the tiny country all decorated. Fans of rom-coms and the first two novels in the series (and this is a stand-alone if you haven’t read them) will enjoy this one.

You can pick up So This Is Christmas in stores on Tuesday, October 4th from Avon.