Book Review: ‘Small Angels: A Novel’ By Lauren Owen

A small British village is the setting for the marriage of Sam and Chloe and the wedding is to take place at the Small Angels church, which border the mysterious Mockbeggar forest, which no one is ever suppose to go in. For Kate, the sister of Sam, it means returning to the village and the tragedies of ten years ago. The woods are haunted and it’s up to the Gonne family to keep things in order. There’s only one sister left living in the at the farm by the forest and for years now things have been quiet. With the wedding, Kate’s return and Chloe wondering what the mystery is all about, it re-awakens the danger of the woods and the mystery of who lives there and the power it has. As the wedding gets closer, the woods get stronger and danger is all around the village and it is up to one person to finally stop the forest once and for all. A gothic mystery that starts off strong and keeps going throughout the book. They story tells what happened in the past and how it affects the wedding today and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

You can pick up Small Angels in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Random House.

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