Book Review: ‘Skin Game’ Is The Next Exciting Teddy Fay With Stone Barrington Novel

Stuart Woods is back with his next Teddy Fay stand-alone novel with some assistance from Stone Barrington and Dino. This time around Teddy gets a surprising call from Lance Cabot the head of the CIA. He needs his help finding a mole in the French office. He knows Teddy can get the job done. So Teddy forms his plans and calls Stone and Dino and asks them to come along. On his way Teddy notices an assassin at the LAX airport and quickly takes care of him. He also notices someone at the airport in New York and that he’s being tailed.

They arrive in Paris and Teddy starts his operation to find the mole. With the help of Stone and Dino his plans are in motion as he’s being followed around. But Teddy is a pro at this kind of thing and nothing gets pasted him. As he zeros in on the mole he finds a far more devious plot about to take place and he ends up staying longer so he can stop this plan before it’s too late. It will take all of Teddy’s cunning and a little help from Dino (who is back in the city) to foil this plan.

As much as I love Stone Barrington novels, the Teddy Fay and Herbie Fisher stand-alone novels are always a lot of fun. Teddy is a fun character who doesn’t let anything get by him. This story is all action from start to finish and also has cameos from Peter and Mike as well. A really enjoyable read.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 4 from Putnam.

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