Book Review: ‘Sisters Of Summer’s End’ Is A Delightful Summer Rom-Con Novel

Nothing I like better than a good summer romantic novel. And author Lori Foster has delivered a great one. Set in an RV park with a group of lovable characters that become good friends, lovers and a family overcoming their pasts and emotional issues. This is a perfect summer read!

Joy Lee is a single mother of a five year old son named Jack. He is just the cutest little guy. He loves his mom and where they live in the park. His father left when she was six months pregnant and never looked back. Joy was also disowned by her wealthy parents when she took up with the man. She has made it on her own since that day devoting herself to her son and job. She hasn’t had a date or sex in almost six years and isn’t too close to the people in the RV park.

Maris runs the shop in the RV park. She’s always working and she helps take care of everyone in the park with her cooking and friendships. She hasn’t dated or had sex in a long time. She has issues from her childhood and just doesn’t allow herself. Even with Daron sniffing around.

One day Joy and Maris start really talking and get friendly and decide to have a secret club where they talk about everything. And when Royce takes over the drive-in next door Joy’s life is about to change. He is hot and a nice guy. There’s a mutual attraction with the two of them. They decide to just let it be what it is. Basically friends with benefits. Of course that never works and it ends up being more to them. Jack is smitten with him as well.

So both Maris and Joy’s lives have suddenly changed and they still have their secret meetings to talk about everything and figure out where their lives will go from this point forward. Will they both give their hearts away once and for all and let love in?

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from HQN Books.

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