Book Review: ‘Sister Dear: A Novel’ By Hannah Mary McKinnon

For Eleanor Harwicke things are not going good. Her website business barely makes her any money. Her father is in hospice dying. She doesn’t get along with her mother or her sister. And then at the hospital she overhears a conversation she wasn’t meant to hear. Her father is not her biological father. And she gets mad at him and leaves. On her way home she’s mugged and ends up in the hospital, saved by her upstairs hot neighbor Lewis. While at the hospital she learns her father died. Before he died he told the nurse a name, who her biological dad is.

Eleanor isn’t sure what to do about it. She googles the guy and finds out he’s rich, lives near her, has a daughter and a wife. Eleanor’s mother warms her to stay away. Lewis is there for her as a friend and they start to get close. Eleanor decides to pay daddy a visit and learns he knew about her and paid her mother off years ago and tells her to go away.

Eleanor wants this life and to know her new family. She comes up with a plan to get to know her half-sister Victoria and soon works for her and they become friends. Her relationship with Lewis hits the next level. Things seem to be going good for Eleanor for a change. She doesn’t see that things are not as they seem and soon she finds her whole life shattered in the blink of an eye.

A thriller that starts off quick with a mystery and then the story is told from the beginning. It has lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming and then a shocking ending. a solid thriller just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

You can pick up Sister Dear in stores on Tuesday, May 26th from Mira.

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