Book Review: ‘Singapore Sapphire: A Harriet Gordon Mystery’ By A.M. Stuart

Singapore 1910 and Harrier Gordon has arrived to live with her brother Rev. Julian Edwards, a headmaster for a school for boys. She’s looking for a new start after losing her husband and child in India. She had went back to London but got in trouble for being a suffragette. Now she is ready to put all this behind her. She puts an ad in the paper looking for work as a secretary. Sir Oswald Newbold hires her to help type his memoir. She has worked for one on day and the next day she goes to get her typewriter and finds him dead in his house.

Inspector Robert Curran is soon on the case of trying to find the murderer. Harriet has a good eye for details and soon points out things to him. And then another body is found from a canal she helps Robert on the cases. Soon they find themselves investigating and find themselves in trouble and having to figure it all out before it’s too late.

A promising start to a new mystery series. Harriet is a great well-written character along with Robert. The two of them together make the story interesting. The setting of 1910 Singapore also enhances the story. More Harriet novels will be needed.

You can pick up Singapore Sapphire in stores on Tuesday, August 6th from Berkley.

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