Book Review: ‘Sin Eater’ Is A Great Debut Novel By Megan Campisi

An intense historical novel about a time in 16th Century England that I never knew about Sin Eaters.

When 14 year old May Owens is convicted for stealing bread and vagrancy she gets a sentence she never expected or knew about (nor did I). She’s to become a Sin Eater. A woman who absorbs the sins of the dying by hearing their confessions or by those that are already dead. They eat certain foods that represent the sins and then they take them on, freeing the person confessing to pass over.

She’s is paired with a woman that has been a Sin Eater a long time. When he mentor so to speak refuses to eat a deer heart that’s placed on the coffin of the Governess to the young Queen, she is sentenced to death for treason. May is forced to ear it, even though she has no idea what sin it is for.

May goes on the offense to try and figure out the meaning of the deer heart and it puts her life in danger. She will not be deterred and it may involve a conspiracy within the court.

It takes a little bit to get into the story (well it did for me). But once you follow it and understand things move at a fast pace. It’s a fascinating story about a time period that may not be well known about. A great debut novel from author Megan Campisi.

You can pick up Sin Eater in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from Atria.

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