Book Review: ‘Silent Bite’ Is The Next Fun Andy Carpenter Novel

For the first time in his life Andy is on a cruise with his wife Laurie and son Ricky. This is a pre-Christmas present to the family. Something he really didn’t want to do. When they arrive home Andy has a bunch of messages from his business partner Willie at the Tara Foundation. His dogs are fine but Willie’s friend Tony Birch is not. He’s been arrested for murder and Willie wants Andy to represent him. Andy is supposes to be retired but of course he ends up taking the case. And then a second dead body turns up and Tony is charged with that as well.

It seems connected to Tony’s past as part of a gang when he was younger. And more bodies turn up and it goes to trial and Andy is not sure what he has in his bag of tricks to get Tony off.

The latest Christmas novel form David Rosenfelt is another solid story in the tale with Christmas cheer for Andy and his family, fun with the dogs and the great supporting cast including my personal favorite character Marcus. And there’s quite a few LOL moments to help break up the tension of the trial and murders.

You can pick up Silent Bite in stores on Tuesday, October 13th from Minotaur.

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