Book Review: ‘Shiver’ Is A Solid Debut Novel By Allie Reynolds

A solid debut novel from Allie Reynolds, who hits all the right notes in her thriller set in the French Alps. Using the past and present alternating chapters, we learn the backstory of the story and with some well placed twists and turns keeps the reader engaged to the twisty ending. She is someone to watch in the future.

It was 10 years ago in the French Alps resort of Le Rocher, where snowboarders were competing to be the best in the world, that Milla met Brent, Curtis, Heather, Dale, Saskia and Odette (her main rivals in the womens division). Saskia is the sister of Curtis and she’s one of the best in the world and first class bitch. There’s nothing she won’t do to win. And that means sabotaging her rivals. Odette has a bad accident and is confined to a wheelchair. Saskia disappears and is never seen again.

Now ten years later Milla, Brent, Curtis, Heather and Dale have a reunion at the same place where things happpened ten years ago. They each think someone in the group invited them but no one admits to it. And they’re the only ones in this resort as it’s not open for the season yet. And then weird things start to happen. Their phones and laptops go missing. The smell of Saskia’s perfume keeps showing up. It’s obvious someone has set the group up. And as the hours go by we learn shocking secrets from the past and how it relates to today. Is it Saskia still alive getting her revenge? As the hours tick down people will die and shocking reveal leaves everyone stunned as to who set them up and what really happened 10 years ago.

You can pick up Shiver in stores on Tuesday, January 19th from Putnam.

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