Book Review: ‘Ship Wrecked: A Novel’ By Olivia Dade

Maria and Peter are both actors and have a hot, steamy one-night stand and then she just leaves with no note, making Peter angry. They next see each other at auditions for God Of The Gates, a hit TV series, and they’re both up for the lead roles, which they both get. It means spending a lot of time together acting. Their attraction is obvious during filming, but they don’t act on it. After six years of filming, their characters are killed off, and they finally decide to be together. They move in together, and meet each other’s families. But professional jobs get in the way of their relationship and soon they have decisions to make about their future. A fun fall rom-com that looks behind the scenes of how TV shows are filmed, especially love scenes, as we watch the two characters fall in love. Author Olivia Dade writes some steamy scenes that will have you running for a cold shower.

You can pick up Ship Wrecked in stores on Tuesday, November 15th from Avon.

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