Book Review: ‘Shed No Tears: A Cat Kinsella Novel’ By Caz Frear

A case that was suppose to be closes six years ago is re-opened when the body of Holly Kemp is found in a remote are of Cambrideshire in England. In 2012 there was the roommate case in which Christopher Masters confessed. But Holly’s body was never found and Masters confessed and then recanted then confessed then recanted so noboby knows for sure if her did it.

For DC Constable Cat Kinsella it’s a re-looking at the case with her partner Parnell. She was killed in a different way than the other girls so it looks like maybe Masters didn’t do it. They now have to re-interview witnesses and take a fresh look at the old case. They find things that don’t add up and keep digging until they can find out what the truth is.

This is the third book in the series and Cat continues to be a complex character. She has secrets she’s hiding in regards to her family and her boyfriend. The rest of the characters are well-written and the story flows good. Another fun visit with Cat and crew.

You can pick up Shed No Tears in stores on Tuesday, December 1st from Harper.

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