Book Review: ‘Shadow Tyrants’ Is The Next Exciting Oregon Files Adventure

It all started almost two thousand years ago. The Nine Unknown Men were charged with holding and never betraying the scrolls that could change the course of man and the world. They have been passed down from generation to generation never being talked about or admitted to. The nine would always meet in secret at the Library. Now today this is a faction that are trying to us them to launch Colossus, an AI that will take over every computer in the world without you knowing and be able to grow and never be stopped. Another faction is against it and is launching satellites that will kill every computer in the world and make us go back to a time before we relied on them.

Soon The Oregon team led by Juan are in the middle of this fight. They happen upon by chance and then the battle is on from India to Egypt, they must track down every lead, get into battles and fight time in order to stop both sides. Each are ready to launch their own project and the effects would be bad. It will take all the cunning and brains of the Oregon team to beat both sides (and save their own lives in the process).

If you’ve never read an Oregon Files story before hop in now. This is the 30th book of the series. They are great adventures, with fun characters, an awesome ship that to the naked eye doesn’t look like much. But it’s a ship that is a lot more that it seems. The stories are always thrilling adventures with lots of action and battles. And they are very easy to read. I really enjoy reading the adventures of Juan and his crew. It’s like visiting old friends each time a new one is released.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 11th from Putnam.

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