Book Review: ‘Sex With Presidents’ By Eleanor Herman

We all know that some of our Presidents were/are pigs. Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and JFK are more of the newest members of the club. But it goes all the way back to Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson (who was blackmailed). Author Eleanor Herman looks back at all the scandals and the Presidents that cheated. Fascinating stories I never knew about highlight this great new book.

JFK had nude swimming parties. FDR and his wife Eleanor both had lovers. In her case it was also a woman. One President was secretly gay and had to sneak in his lover during a time when it wasn’t acceptable. Secret service agents would have to stand outside certain places in the White House to be on guard for wives arriving to see their husbands.

Story after story in this book bring to the forefront what we have always known…men are pigs. And with Great Power comes even Greater cheating and potential scandals. Now we have to wait for a woman President and see if she will act the same way.

You can pick up Sex With Presidents in stores on Tuesday, September 22nd from William Morrow.

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