Book Review: ‘Set On You: A Novel’ By Amy Lea

A great rom-com debut from author Amy Lea. It has everything you want in this genre and more. Two people that have issues getting together and falling in love, conflict, social media and body image and a couple you root for. Crystal Chen is a personal trainer and an infuencer on Instagram and has gotten out of a relationship not too long ago. Scott Ritchie is a firegighter and hot as hell. They’re both at the gym when Scott cuts in on the machine Crystal is using. This sets off bad blook between the two of them and each day they annoy each other. When Crystal finds out her Grandmother is getting married again and goes to the engagement party, who is there but the groom’s grandson Scott. Both are shocked at this and soon they find themselves spending more time together and getting to know each other and falling for each other. But trust issues and social media drive a divide between them and it’s up to one of them to fix things before it’s too late. Great writing, solid supporting characters and hot love make this a great novel to start the sping off right.

You can pick up Set On You in stores on Tuesday, May 10th from Berkley.

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