Book Review: ‘Serpentine’ Is The Next Exciting Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Story

It’s the 25th anniversary of author Laurrell K. Hamilton’s first Anita Blake novel. Now she is back with her latest titled Serpentine, in stores now from Berkely. It puts Anita in one of her most intense situations yet. Her friend Edwards wedding. She is part of the wedding party. She’s also been accused of having an affair with him (which she never did there just best friends). It also brings with her the men in her life. She is poly and has 3 boyfriends and a unique situation,

Given her powers and those of the men in her life it sometimes seems to complicate things. She is there with Micah and Nathaniel and they are just ready for lots of sex (and there is a good amount of erotic, sexual scenes). When one of the female guests is missing suspicion turns on Nathaniel as he was seen talking to her. There’s also secrets revealed that could cancel the wedding.

Anita and Edward and her gang go on the offensive and help investigate the missing girl and another girl that has gone missing. Also a new form of lycanthropy is found on the island that could cause a problem for everyone as there doesn’t seem to be a cure.

When they finally track down what happened to the missing girls it opens up cases from years ago that are similar and reaches to a stunning climax to the story.

The Vampire Hunter series is an exciting series. Every novel is filled with adventure, love, secrets, magic and mythical creatures that are all living with humans. The personal relationships are another interesting touch as part of the story and adds an additional touch to each situation the characters find themselves in.

You can read for yourself now as Serpentine is in stores.

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