Book Review: ‘Secrets Typed In Blood: A Pentecost And Parker Mystery’ By Stephen Spotswood

The year is 1947, and Lillian Pentecost and her assistant, Willowjean ‘Will’ Parker, have new cases to attend to. Pentecost is known as a top detective in New York. Holly Quick is a writer of murder for pulp detective magazines. She’s written three of them, and then the actual murders she has written have come true. Not trusting the police, she turns to Pentecost and Parker to find out who is committing the murders. They find this strange, but agree to take on the case. Something about this isn’t ringing true, and if they’re not careful, they may find themselves dead as well. This is the third book in the series, and they keep getting better. The two lead characters, and supporting characters, are really-well written, and fun to read. I just love this series.

You can pick up Secrets Typed In Blood in stores on Tuesday, December 13th, from Doubleday.

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