Book Review: ‘Secrets Of The Chocolate Room’ Is A Great Follow Up To The Little Shop Of Found Things

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Last year’s The Little Shop Of Found Things was one of my favorites last year. Now author Paula Brackston is back with the next time-traveling story in the series. A lot of times the second book in a series has a sophomore slump but not this time. It starts off strong and is a compelling story, with great characters and more background on how the time traveling ‘spinners’ do what they do and some of the history behind them. This second book Secrets Of The Chocolate Room comes out on October 22nd. I highly recommend picking up the first one now (although this one reads like a stand-alone story).

The story picks up after the events of the last book. Xanthe and her mom Flora are out looking for more antiques and stuff for their shop in Marlborough in England. She finds a copper chocolate pot that sings to her. It’s a sign that something is up she might have to investigate. She also has to deal with her ex Marcus showing up in town wanting her back. She wants nothing to do with him but he won’t take no for an answer.

Then she has a visit from Samuel (the man she met in the first book in the 17th century). He is in trouble and Xanthe knows she has to go back in time again to help him. She gets everything she needs, lies to her mother and travels back. She arrives at a chocolate shop and learns where Samuel is and what he has supposedly done. She goes to try and help him and finds Benedict Fairfax, who has Samuel in his employ and then intends to turn him over to the King as someone working against him. She learns he’s a fellow ‘spinner’ and has lost his ability to travel and wants her to help him, marry him and become partners. She declines and soon finds her life in jeopardy until Samuel comes to rescue her. Before she knows the outcome she’s brought back to her time and learns Samuel dies a few weeks later.

She knows this isn’t right and forms a plan to once again go back and save Samuel. It’s a plan that could have risks but she decides it’s worth taking. Will she be able to change things and the story leaves off with a cliff-hanger setting up the next book.

If you love magic, time-travel and compelling stories hop aboard this series. You will not be disappointed!