Book Review: ‘Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six: A Novel’ By Lisa Unger

A luxury, secluded cabin in the woods is the setting for the latest thriller from Lisa Unger. Three couples go away for the weekend in this rich, expensive cabin, complete with a butler and a maid. Hannah and her husband, her brother Mako and his wife and best friend Cricket and her new boyfriend. But there’s more people along but the six people in the cabin don’t know that at first. And it seems some of them have secrets and someone wants a few of them to pay for those secrets and their pasts. Then a major storm hits, the power goes out, someone goes missing and then the bad people show up looking to take out more of the group. Then it becomes a game of cat and mouse as to who will survive. The book has lots of twists and turns and the storm ramps up the action. Still something was a little off for me with this book. I really like Lisa Unger books and this one is good, just not as good as some of her previous books.

You can pick up Secluded Cabine Sleeps Six in stores on Tuesday, November 8th from Park Row.

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