Book Review: ‘Sea Of Greed’ Is The Next Exciting NUMA Files Thriller

I love Clive Cussler books. They are thrilling, easy to read (every book should be written in the format that Clive uses), have characters from previous books (feels like visiting with old friends) and they’re just fun! He has a few different series of books and if you like adventure themed stories then please jump right in. You’re always welcome!

In this latest NUMA (U.S. National Underwater and Marine Agency) adventure is dates back to 1968 and a project that Israel and France were working on. A bacterial formula to dry up oil fields so they would no longer pump. It was a way for Israel to get the upper hand on it’s enemies. But like all good things it got out of hand and the two parties turned on each other. It resulted in it being left in the bottom of an ocean and the counter agent also on the floor of an ocean somewhere.

Forward to today and an explosion in the Gulf Of Mexico takes place. The NUMA crew happens to be in the area and goes to help. They rescue people but find it’s not an ordinary explosion. There’s something off about it. Kurt and Joe go to investigate and are attacked by an unknown group of people. They manage to escape but soon learn something bigger is at play. Oil fields around the world are drying up and the price of oil is going way up.

A woman named Tessa, who’s rich has the agent that was once at the bottom of the ocean and is using it to drive the prices up and help an oil consortium make millions. In return she wants her share of the money. She’s cunning and smart and has the means to keep up with what she’s doing.

Soon the NUMA crew is on her trail and it leads to them tracking her down and being exposed and having to fight for their lives. It’s a battle to find the counter agent that is still out in an ocean somewhere in Europe or Israel and off Africa. No one knows for sure. One thing is for sure. Tessa is on their trail and it will lead to a final showdown that could cost a lot of people their lives.

You can pick up Sea Of Greed in stores on Tuesday, November 6th from Putnam.

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