Book Review: ‘Salvation Day’ Is A Thrilling Space Story

The earth was close to being extinguished but managed to rebound. They put ships and colonies in outer space to help preserve. One ship is called House Of Wisdom. Ten years ago over 400 people died of a mysterious virus. One little boy named Jas survived. Today a ship is headed to outer-space with Jas aboard. What he doesn’t know is the shop is going to be hijacked and taken to House Of Wisdom. A renegade group led by Adam is tired of things on earth and is going to try and fix up House of Wisdom and make it a new home for their group.

Zahra is one of the people leading the small group getting House Of Wisdom ready. When they arrive they find all sorts of dead bodies from the virus all those years ago. They are holding hostages while they get the ship ready. One of the hostages gets a nick and she starts to go crazy. She escapes and allows Jas to as well. He knows the ship and he plans to escape with his fellow hostages in ships his mother made all those years ago.

He soon learns the truth about what happened all those years ago and what was said to be a virus was not. It was something worse and it is still alive today. They must find away to leave this ship, warn off Adam from coming with his crew and save the earth from a devious plan before it’s too late.

This is the debut novel from author Kali Wallace and it’s a thrill-ride. Right from the very first page up to the climatic ending. You won’t want to put the book down. If you’re a Science Fiction fan this book is perfect for you.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from Berkley.

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