Book Review: ‘Salt River’ Is The Next Fun Doc Ford Novel By Randy Wayne White

My first time reading one of author Randy Wayne White Doc Ford Novels and I loved it. The main characters of Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson are great. They have a nice chemistry between them and even some LOL moments. The story is fun and the setting of South Florida on the water fits perfectly with the story.

Doc Ford is back from another trip (he works for a secret organization) and when at home does research as his cover. His old friend Tomlinson shocks him with information about his past. He was a sperm donor for money for clinics years ago and now it has come out and he has kids coming out of nowhere. One daughter Delia has shown up out of the blue.

And Doc Ford’s past is coming back to haunt him. Months ago he helped catch a treasure hunter, who had found a Spanish wreck and kept the cargo of gold. Doc took some of the gold as a payment to himself. He has it hidden and is using it a little bit a time, to not alert authorities or the IRS. But now someone knows he was involved and wants the treasure that is left at the bottom of the ocean and knows Ford may know where it is.

Ford is being watched and soon learns who is after him and turns the tables on them and leads them into a trap but not before he’s able to help out people who need the money. Ford is one smart man you don’t want to mess with. And then on top of that he has to go to Tomlinson’s ‘family get together’ which is quite the event. And in his personal life he’s still trying to get Hannah to marry him and make their family a whole unit (he as a son with her).

A really fun book to read. Doc Ford is great and the story flows right along with enough backstory given so you can jump right in like I did. I wish I had time to go back and read the first 25 novels in the series.

You can pick up Salt River in stores on Tuesday, February 11th from Putnam.

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