Book Review: ‘Salt And Sugar: A Novel’ By Rebecca Carvalho

A decades long family fued between two bakery companies, who are across the street from each other in Olinda, Brazil, comes to a head, in this delicious young-adult rom-com, from author Rebecca Carvalho. Lari Ramires is in her final year of high-school and her family owns Salt, when her Grandmother passes away. They compete against Sugar, across the street, for which they have feuding for years. Also competing is big-box company Deals Deals, who wants to buy up everything. Lari wants to help the bakery but her mother insists she do her studies and go to college. To make extra credit at school, she joins a baking club, run by Pedro, the son of the owner of Sugar. They don’t get along at first but soon grow close and fall in love and are determined to find a way to end the feud and save both businesses. A sweet young love story, that hits all the right notes and will also make you hungry by the time you finish it.

You can pick up Salt And Sugar in stores on Tuesday, November 1st from Inkyard Press.

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