Book Review: ‘Ruby Spencer’s Whiskey Year: A Novel’ By Rochelle Bilow

Ruby Spencer has left her job in New York as a food critic, and move to the small town of Thistlecross, in Scotland. For the next year, she will live in a small cottage, with no internet or a kitchen. She’s going to work on a cookbook, work in a pub with Grace, and drink a lot of whiskey. Ruby is loving everything about this place, and then she meets Brochan, the hot handyman, and they soon hang out drinking whiskey, and getting to know each other. Soon they learn of a plan to transform the town, and they must come up with a plan to save everything. A beautifully written story, set in a great location (making you feel like you are there), and you root for Ruby, Brochan, and the town. Just a well-done debut novel.

You can pick up Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year in stores on Tuesday, February 14th from Berkley.

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