Book Review: ‘Round Up The Usual Peacocks: A Meg Langslow Novel’ By Donna Andrews

The 31st book in the series is among one of the best. I always enjoy these novels and Donna Andrews seems to have up it a notch with this book. A wedding, crazy peacocks and Meg investigating, all add up to a great time. It’s almost Rob and Delaney’s wedding and Mother is driving everyone crazy preparing for it. Meg is over-loaded with tasks and then cousin Kevin comes to her for help. He’s been doing a new podcast with his friend Casey about Virginia cold cases and crimes and someone tried to take out Casey this past Saturday night. He wants Meg to investigate who it might have been. She narrows it down to 3 potential podcasts which could be invovled in the attempt. She thinks it’s the podcast that looks at a cheating scandal at the business college years ago and Meg starts talking to people involved back then and finds out a Professor committed suicide, which Dad now says was murder. And now Meg is in trouble asking too many quesions and is taken hostage and it might finally be the end of her.

You can pick up Round Up The Usual Peacocks in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd form Minotaur Books.

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