Book Review: ‘Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill’ Is The Next Exciting Jesse Stone Novel

New York Times Best-Selling Author Reed Farrel Coleman is back with his newest Jesse Stone novel. This time the opioid epidemic has come to Paradise. And now Jesse has to confront it head on. When Heather Mackey, a popular cheerleader and student, dies of an overdose, Jesse is on the case. It leads to the high school and a problem that is becoming an issue.

As he investigates it leads him into Boston and help from Vinnie Morris. When the body of a fellow student is found (and he was suspected of being a dealer) it leads to a locker at school and one of the teachers being involved. Jesse keeps digging and the people behind the drugs are not happy and soon want to take care of people involved in the business and soon it hits close to home.

Jesse is also still dealing with his son Cole and their awkward relationship. Cole also has a big announcement to make. Jesse also gets involved with a new woman who may not be who she seems. And Jesse is still dealing with his drinking problems and it’s everything he can do to not take a drink.

Reed Farrel Coleman has a firm grip on this character and series. Every book seems to get better than the last one. This series has been in his great hands for years and it’s always a pleasure to read each new novel. This story has a more personal take to it with Jesse and Cole’s relationship, his drinking and determination to be able to move on after Diana. It succeeds on all levels.

You can pick up Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill in stores on Tuesday, September 10th from Putnam.

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