Book Review: ‘River Of Fallen Angels: A Victorian Mystery’ By Laura Joh Rowland

The Thames Torso Murdered has struck again, and this time reporters Sarah, Mick and Hugh come across the body. They along with Sarah’s sister Sally start investigating who might be the murderer, along with her detective husband Thomas. They are hampered by the boss of Thomas, Inspector Reid, who has it out for all four of them, and believes they know information about Jack The Ripper that they won’t confess (they do). The four of them compare notes, investigate, Thomas gets in trouble, and Sarah thinks she knows who the killer is. As they investigate, it brings them to the door of a prime suspect, and things may not go well for them. I really like this series, and this is another good book. A solid mystery, with the characters we’ve come to love over the last six books. Fans of the series will be not be disappointed.

You can pick up River Of Fallen Angels in stores on Tuesday, January 10th from Crooked Lane.

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