Book Review: ‘Righteous Prey: A Lucas Davenport And Virgil Flowers Novel’ By John Sandford

I love Lucas Davenport books. I love Virgil Flowers book. I love when the book contains both characters. This is as good or better than last year’s Ocean Prey novel, featuring both characters. A group, called The Five, made up with rich people, who invested in bitcoin, come together and decide they are going to kill ‘assholes’ who don’t deserve to live, in various places throughout the United States. They then donate money to various charities and release press releases on the killings. When one takes place in Minnesota, Lucas and Virgil are put on the case, along with the FBI. The killings are well thoughtout and no clues are usually left. But Lucas and Virgil are no ordinary investigators and soon they start to figure out things, as more bodies show up. They start flying around the country to follow leads and always seem to be one step behind, until they catch a break and figure out where things are leading, which culminates in a climatic showdown and Lucas and Virgil will be lucky to escape with their lives. This is another well-written novel, with the bromance between Lucas and Virgil the highlight of the book (with some great LOL moments). I can’t wait for more adventures with these two.

You can pick up Righteous Prey in stores on Tuesday, October 4th from Putnam.

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