Book Review: ‘Revolution: A Cold War Magic Novel’ By W.L. Goodwater

Sophomore books can sometimes be a disappointment in a new series. Author W.L. Goodwater’s follow up to his debut novel Breach in this series isn’t as good as the first book. This second book Revolution is set in Cuba at about the time the Cuban Revolution is about to begin. Once again Karen O’Neil is at the center of things along with Arthur.

Karen has a secret. She still has magic even without her lotus. She hasn’t used it though since the events in Germany. She also has the magical book from what happened in Breach. She is at a lost and is ready to quit OMRD. She receives a package and a letter from her old friend Gerard. Something strange is going on at Magnus Innovations (where he is working now). A mysterious small cube that seems filled with magic is talking to her. She wants to know about this and goes to meet Gerard. Things don’t go right and she soon finds herself in Havana trying to investigate Magnus.

It’s not that easy though. There is the Cuban mob, strong security and the issue of an American woman asking a lot of questions in a strange country. The more she investigates, the more she learns she can’t trust everyone. She soon learns the secrets at Magnus and soon she may be a part of it. Her magic is most-powerful and would work great with what they are doing. Magical monsters are being made and are very hard to destroy. It all leads to a showdown where betrayals will take place, the revolution begins and Karen has to fight for her very life.

It’s not a bad novel, it just isn’t as good as the first one. Breach has a page-turner of a story, that had me wanting to keep reading and see where it was going. I didn’t feel the same way with this one. I am all for books with magic and hopefully book three will have the excitement of the first one.

You can pick up Revolution in stores on Tuesday, November 12th from Ace.

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