Book Review: ‘Rescued’ Is The Next Fun Andy Carpenter Mystery

A few months back I interview author David Rosenfelt about his Doug Brock thriller and found him to be an enjoyable man who has a big passion for dogs. At the time of our interview he had 27 dogs near him. He has a foundation called Tara Foundation which helps rescue dogs (and this story works perfect with shining the spotlight on dogs).

In his newest Andy Carpenter mystery he shines the light on dogs and gets Andy back to taking another case (even though he tries to be retired). This time around the person in trouble is his wife Laurie’s ex-finance. The man has killed someone (he claims self defense) but there is no evidence proving that. Andy reluctantly takes on the case. It involves a truck driver that was bringing dogs from the south to the north to shelters.

He finds himself up against a D.A. that thinks it’s an open and shut case and wants to make a name for herself. Andy is having a tough time finding evidence for his client. The more he and his team dig, they slowly find little things that add to bigger things and soon it involves the F.B.I. As the case draws to a conclusion Andy finds not only his own life in danger but a string of dead bodies that he knows has something to do with his client before it’s too late.

I had never read one of the Andy books before (and there were 16 of them). I found it a thoroughly enjoyable, at times LOL funny and a well written-good time. Andy is a great lawyer and a smart-ass that makes you like him. With a supporting cast of characters including his wife and his cop buddy (sometimes advisory) Pete you can’t help but have a fun time with him. I can’t wait to read more of this character in future stories.

You can pick up Rescued: An Andy Carpenter Mystery in stores on Tuesday, July 17 from Minotaur Books.

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