Book Review: ‘Renewed For Murder: A Blue Ridge Library Mystery’ By Victoria Gilbert

Library director Amy Webber is enjoying married life with her dance husband Richard Muir and getting ready for a big arts festival. It will be a 50th reunion for a chamber choir, who will be performing. But on this evening a friend of the family Zelda has called that something is wrong. When they get to her house they find a dead body in the back yard and Zelda in the bushes. Zelda becomes the prime suspect in the case since the woman has been seen visiting her and Zelda is being very quiet about things. On top of that a blackmail letter is found in the dead woman’s pocket, which again points to Zelda. So Amy and Aunt Lydia decide to get on the case and figure out what’s going on and who the murderer is. Soon they find things that make it look like Zelda could be guilty. And of course Amy has her life once again in danger searching for the killer. These Blue Ridge books are always a lot of fun to read. Small town mysteries with quirky characters that are to visit everytime there’s a new novel in the series.

You can pick up Renewed For Murder in stores on Tuesday, December 7th from Crooked Lane.

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