Book Review: ‘Red War’ Is The Next Exciting Mitch Rapp Novel

It once again falls on the shoulders of Mitch Rapp to save the world. This time Russian President Maxim Krupin finds out he has a brain tumor and it’s fatal. If word of this gets out he’s finished and who knows who will run Russia and what will become of the country. Not wanting to lost power or his fan base he decides to do away with anyone remotely connected to his regime power wise. He turns to the one person he knows he can trust and they devise a plan to invade the Baltic states to draw attention away from himself since no one will be prepared or expecting this.

CIA director Irene Kennedy gets wind of his condition and what they may be planning and Mitch Rapp is called in to go to Russia and take care of the situation. He has with him Coleman and former Russian Colonel Azarov (who Mitch saved in a previous book) and again early in this book.

They undertake a dangerous mission and devise a plan to save the Baltic states and turn it around on Krupin. It could mean the begging of WWIII if Rapp and the plan doesn’t work.

This is another exciting Mitch Rapp novel. This is the fourth book written by author Kyle Mills since Vince Flynn died and he has a firm grasp on the character and stories (he has from the beginning just pointing this out) and it’s all action from start to finish. It’s a page-turner all the way up to the climatic finale that you just can’t put down.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 25th from Atria Books.

* Kyle is also going on tour and you can see the tour dates by clicking here

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