Book Review: ‘Red Sky Over Hawaii: A Novel’ By Sara Ackerman

Lana Hitchcock gets a frantic call from her estranged father right a couple of days before Pearl Harbor is bombed. He’s sick and in the hospital and wants to see her. She flies off away from the problems of her marriage and gets there too late. He died a few hours earlier. She goes to his house where she meets his neighbors, a German family with two young girls and a dog named Sailor. Then the bombings take place. Her parents are rounded up and taken away. Lana is asked to look after the girls until a family friend comes. When she meets this man she doesn’t like him nor do the kids.

Lana decides it’s time to go to their family home hidden high in the mountains near a volcano. She takes the kids and two others that she hopes to smuggle there and they make it safely to the house. It’s not quite what she expected but it will have to make due.

She finds a lot of soldiers have come to the area and she has to try and keep the kids and her two secret guests safe. She soon learns of an a detainment camp near by and is even more worried about things. She meets Grant a military man who is assigned to the area and they soon develop a relationship, that is rocky at times. But he may be the key to her survival here, while waiting to see what happens with the war.

This novel is based on real-life events and is an interesting and informative story about the times during WWII when people would be taken here in the US for their nationality (being German or Japanese). Author Sara Ackerman has done a great job of relating to the time period (she did her homework). The story is about family, love and protecting those that need protecting.

You can pick up Red Sky Over Hawaii in stores on Tuesday, June 9th from MIRA.

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