Book Review: ‘Red Agenda’ Is A Exciting Political Was Debut Novel

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Author Cameron Poe has written an exciting debut novel centered around Russia, a nuclear sub and an overthrow of the Russian government and the CIA and United States involvement to stop it.

When the CIA gets intel that Kuwait is interested in buying an old Russian submarine to end OPEC they put a plan in motion to stop it. The plan is destabilize the oil industry so Kuwait can stay rich. Undercover operatives are placed in Kuwait and also in Russia to work on the sub as it’s brought up from the floor of the ocean. US subs are also close on their heels if needed to make a strike. There’s a double cross in the plans with Kuwait and soon it’s a race to stop the nuclear sub and to stop an all out war.

Meanwhile in Washington there’s infighting with two top CIA officials vying for the job of CIA director and to squelch the situation in the Middle East and Russia. The President soon makes a decision that could cost him his job and plunge the United States into a situation that could weaken them to the rest of the world.

The story is a page-turner with twists and turns. It’s also a good look at how the CIA and the government works watching other countries and doing surveillance. All in all a really good debut novel.

You can pick up Red Agenda in stores on April 16. You can only get it at Amazon. So click below.