Book Review: ‘Recursion’ Is The Next Thrilling Blake Crouch Novel

Imagine a device that can hack into one of your memories and send you back in time to change something that will change your whole timeline. The only drawback is you remember both time streams. The real one and the one you changed. Then one day they both meet and everything that you changed about your life is remember by everyone that was involved in it.

That is the basis for Recursion. Helena Smith has invented a chair that will help hack into a memory and take you back in time. She has done it with the backing and finance of Slade. But Slade is taking it one step further. Where Helen just wanted to help recover memories, Slade has had a tank invented that makes you die and then come back to life and changing your past via your memories. It messes with the timeline of you and everyone else around you. Helena soon regrets her association with Slade as this is a dangerous invention.

New York Cop Barry Sutton lost his daughter 11 years ago to a tragic hit and run. He has missed her everyday since. As he investigates a case it leads him to Slade and his building and invention. He is forced to be one of the people to be sent back and he’s able to change his past and save his daughter and live a different live (even though he knows everything that will happen as the days go on). Soon both his timelines catch up and his daughter and wife know everything. Tragedy strikes and Barry knows this is a dangerous thing to be happening.

Helena finds Barry and they devise a plan to try and end this chair/chamber once and for all. Both like all things the invention is hacked and now countries are using if for their own advantages and it could mean the end of the world unless Barry and Helena can go back in time and stop it once and for all.

Black Crouch is know for his great novels like Wayward Pines and this story is right up there in terms of story, intensity and imagination. The story starts off strong and never lets up. A page-turner with lots of twists and turns along the way. Ask yourself if you had the chance to go back in time and change something would you do it? That is what the book will make you think about.

You can pick up Recursion in stores on Tuesday, June 11 from Crown.

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