Book Review: ‘Reckoning: A Savich And Sherlock FBI Novel’ By Catherine Coulter

The 26th novel in the series is another thrilling ride, featuring two of my favorite characters in Savich ad Sherlock. A roller-coaster ride that starts off fast and never lets up. Fourteen years ago Kirra saw her parents being murdered and she was lucky to escape alive. Six years ago Emma was kidnapped and now someone is once again after her. Now Kirra is back in the small Virgina town working as a prosecuting lawyer and looking for evidence and proof of what happened to her parents. She finds evidence and sends it off the FBI and the local police as Eliot Ness. Soon FBI agents Savich and Hammersmith are on the case, as is Sherlock with Emma, who has become a piano prodigy. As she aims to bring down the crime lords in town, Kirra finds herself in danger as does Sherlock, who is taken hostage and must use all her skills to save herself and Emma’s mother Molly, who has also been taken. It all leads to a climatic showdown. Fans of this series will not be disappointed.

You can pick up Reckoning in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from William Morrow.

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