Book Review: ‘Reaper: Threat Zero’ Is The Next Thrilling Sniper Novel

Author Nicholas Irving with A.J. Tata are back for their follow up novel to last years first Sniper Novel Reaper: Ghost Target with Reaper: Threat Zero. It’s a thrilling, action packed adventure that takes former Ranger Vick Harwood to Crimea and Iran and back home to the United States fighting for his life.

It’s a weekend away for the President’s cabinet and their families at Camp David an annual event. But this year a group known as Threat Zero has planted bombs and have snipers ready to take out as many of the people as they can that are attending. And they succeed in killing everyone. A while late former Ranger and friend of Vick is on Facebook live saying he was responsible and blows his head off. Vick doesn’t believe it and gets assigned to the case.

The investigation leads them to a covert operation to take out all associated with the killing of the cabinet and their families. It is called Team Valid and it’s Vick and two others. The take care of their targets in Crimea and Iran until Vick is double-crossed and has to fight for his life. Luckily he has Hinojosa who is the leader of the team. They make their escape back to the the states and set out to find the person really responsible for everything.

Someone that wants to be President and has moles all the way up to the White House and the President. Vick is on the warpath and nothing will stop him from bringing this person to justice.

If you’re a fan of Brad Taylor, Tom Clancy Jack Ryan books, Jason Bourne and all the other great action heroes you will love this book and series. Hopefully it will continue on as I for one will read each one. It’s a real page-turner that starts off with a bang and never lets up. All action right up to the very end.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, May 21st from St. Martin’s Press.

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