Book Review: ‘Read On Arrival’ Is The Next Fun Bookmobile Mystery

Author Nora Page is back with her next bookmobile mystery with Read On Arrival. This time around the library is getting ready to reopen after what happened in the last book. Cleo is excited about this and making preparations when Belle comes around and wants to make changes and update things. Stuff that Cleo does not agree with.

Cleo is also still trying to get a book back from old rival Dixie Huddleston, who has a book for over 40 years and refuses to return it. She has offered a few times over the years but hasn’t yet given it back. She finally says she will return it because she’s about to die and is making amends. When Cleo and Harry go to get it they find Dixie dead. She thinks it is murder and the police arrive and confirm it. They suspect Cleo but not seriously.

Now an investigation is underway and everyone seems to be a suspect. Paper coffins are appearing all over town threatening people and now on feels safe. Cleo starts her own investigation while having to do battle with Belle about the library. Cleo finally figures it out and it is someone close to her she didn’t suspect.

Also Rhett the cat is back as is Harry’s adorable pug. Another fun reason to read the book. With likeable characters and a fun easy story the time flies by reading it.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Crooked Lane.

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