Book Review: ‘Razzmatazz: A Novel’ By Christopher Moore

I really liked the last novel in this series Noir and now author Christopher Moore is back with a great follow-up. It’s 1947 San Francisco and Sammy Tiffin is in the thick of things again. He’s asked to help find a killer targeting the lesbian community, find a dragon statue to save his uncle’s business and he needs to helps smuggle girls out of town for a Christmas party. Sammy has to use all his cunning and knowledge and help of his friends in order to pull all this off and not get himself or his friends killed. A perfectly written book, with some LOL moments and the same quirky characters that were in the last book. If you’re a fan of Noir (not the last book) but this type of genre, you will love this book (and I do suggest picking up the last book). Christopher Moore is fast becoming one of my favorite writers.

You can pick up Razzmatazz in stores on Tuesday, May 17th from William Morrow.

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