Book Review: ‘Raising The Dad’ Asks One Question Who Is In Room 116?

by | Apr 8, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Raising The Dad by Tom Matthews asks some ethical and moral questions and will have you thinking about what you do in a certain situation and is a stunning novel. It shows a somewhat dysfunctional family and also gives a small look into the music industry.

John Husted is 43 years old and married to Robin and has a 15 year old daughter, who is into goth and is being a typical teenage girl. His marriage at this point is complacent. They both love each other but it’s not like it use to be. Both have good jobs, a house and living the American Dream. His father died 30 years ago, his mother is now starting to suffer from dementia and his loser brother Mike just got out of jail again. John has had to keep an eye on his mother now for some time but with Mike out he will now have to help with her.

Mike was in the music scene all those years ago when his dad died and he didn’t get along with him at the end and treated John like a pain in the ass. Mike’s band was suppose to be the next big thing until drugs and an overdose with a fan put him in jail.

When John gets a call out of the blue from his dad’s old hospital co-worker and best friend he’s wondering what he wants. He goes to meet him and what he finds out shakes him to the core and opens up something he never in his life he thought he would face.

The story is based on something from author Tom Matthews own life. The review is vague as to not giveaway the main plot spoiler but believe it’s a doozy.

You can pick up Raising The Dad in stores on Tuesday, April 17th from Thomas Dunne Books part of St. Martin’s Press.