Book Review: ‘Queen Victoria: Twenty-Four Days That Changed He Life’ Is A Great Look At Pivotal Days That Defined Her

Queen Victoria is one the most beloved/not beloved monarchs in British History. She ruled for a record long time and it was known as the Victorian Era. She didn’t have an easy life. She at one point was fifth in line for the thrown. With deaths of the four in front of her she became Queen at the age of 18. And she was lucky she was of age. Her mother and her boyfriend were trying to control her if she had become Queen at a younger age. The book looks at 24 pivotal days in her life.

From the time her parents were born, to her own birth, to her young life, to meeting Albert (who would become her husband), to the birth of all of her kids, to Albert’s death and her going into mourning over him and much more. 24 days of her life that would define her for good and bad.

Queen Victoria lived a long life. She kept journals about her life which we learn her kids would later change or destroy. The book also had to get permission from Queen Elizabeth to use archived information for the book. It shows different sides of the woman who was a mother, a wife a Queen and a fragile woman.

Author Lucy Worsley has done her homework and wrote a book about Victoria that is fair, balanced and true to who she was.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, January 8th from St. Martin’s Press.

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