Book Review: ‘Promises To Keep: A Savannah Skies Novel’ By Nan Rossiter

Book two of the Savannah Skies series returns to Tybee Island and focuses on Gage and Maeve, who are in love and just moved in together. But they both have secrets they have never revealed to each other and they could force them apart. Meanwhile 18 year old Mason is about to lose his mother, who is in the hospital, right after graduation and turning 18. She has a dying wish for him to take care of, which he says he will. It will bring him into Maeve and Gage’s world with a secret reveal. This throws a monkey-wrench into their relationship, one that might be too big to overcome.

This follow book also revists the characters of the first book and they are part of this storyline. A solid story of family, love and secrets. It’s very character driven and I wouldn’t say a rom-com, just a step above. If you didn’t read the first one that’s no problem here. This is written like a stand-alone and you can follow along no problem.

You can pick up Promises To Keep in stores on Tuesday, April 27th from Harper Paperbacks.

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